Tue, Jul 23, 2013



Since opening our doors 4 months ago, we have been blessed with incredible yogis and support. Beginners, intermediate, and avid practitioners grace our door everyday and I can not express how much they amaze me everyday.


A few weeks ago, I decided to really give the place a cleaning and took to the fingerprints on the walls. With spray bottle and rag in hand, I started at the back of the studio and worked my way to the front, then to the other wall and began my trip to the back of the studio. Well, as I started that second wall; I began to cry as I looked at the fingerprints.


My tears were of joy, as each one represented one person's effort to 'try'. Try a pose, wheather it was tree or dancer, or any other pose; they TRIED. The fingerprints show thier willingness to be vulnerable, express themselves, and take risks.

All you have to do is be willing to try something; a yoga pose, a new food, a different view, anything at all.

But there would be no mark of your effort unless you try. Leave your mark on the studio wall, leave your mark on the world. Just by giving it a try....

Namaste, B