In this 200 Hour CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher, through Yoga Alliance) you will:

1. Teach an intelligently sequenced, effective yoga class (OFF YOUR MAT)
2. Find your style and personal teaching style (there is no right and wrong).
3. See that you have strong, capable students that are worthy of challenge.
4. Lean what a safe, sustainable practice is for yourself and students.
5. Teach to a LIVE class from day ONE
6. Be asked to take healthy risks in your practice and in other areas or your life.
7. Be asked to look at new ways of thinking, practicing, and stay a “beginner.
8. Teach to what you see in the room. (no sequence or class is ever the same)
9. Complete outside homework assignments
10. Teach a one hour live workshop and live class as part of your final exam.


This training is not for everyone. We ask you to participate in long days 7am-9pm with appropriate lunch and dinner breaks.
You are asked to “show up and be present” so that you and your fellow teachers can learn as much as possible. We laugh a lot! Helping you hone in on your personal strengths, creativity, and style is a large part of training.
I will definitely be asking you to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”.
Getting out of the box and getting creative may sound scary but it is the most rewarding!


You will receive your 200 Hour CYT (approved by Yoga Alliance) upon completion of all hours required, written exam of “C” or better, Teach a one hour, live class, and a one hour Workshop.